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Growing Peyote Cactus

Growing Peyote cacti can take a very long time. The Peyote cacti are slow growing cacti that are native to Mexico and Texas. It has been used in rituals by Native American Indian tribes for thousands of years. Peyote has been overharvested in Mexico and is becoming scarce in its natural habitat. It is illegal to cultivate in the United States. Certain Native religions have the legal rights to use Peyote.

Growing Peyote cacti is a very long time consuming effort. Peyote is a very slow growing cactus. It is especially slow when grown indoors. You should be prepared for the long length of time it takes Peyote to mature. It can take up to five years to grow mature Peyote.

It is very easy to grow Peyote cacti depending on where you live. Most Peyote is grown from seeds. The basics of growing Peyote are:

Some growers will cover their pot with plastic. This can create a very humid environment. Remember, Peyote grows in the desert. Peyote often grows in the shade of another cacti or plant. For this reason it is a good idea to provide shade for your Peyote plant to grow in.

If you use the plastic method you will keep it covered completely for 3 to 4 weeks. After this, you will put a small hole in the plastic. You will very slowly, over two to three weeks, increase the number and size of the holes. This regulates the humidity and helps get the plant used to the outside humidity. After it is regulated you can remove the plastic.

It is now just a waiting game. Do not water much at all in the winter time. In summer you can water sparingly when needed. It will take four to five years for your Peyote to become mature. Be sure you plant your Peyote in a pot that is large enough. The plant will bud and produce pups. Over time it will become a large clump.

You can use grafting to speed up the growing process. Grafting is complicated and should not be used unless you are experienced. Growing Peyote can be very rewarding. If you live near West Texas it can still be found in its natural environment.

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