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Kratom is originated from the rain forests of Thailand and Malaysia. The leaves are harvested from a large tree, and are traditionally chewed by the Southeast Asian workers to produce a numbing and stimulating effect.


Whereas the traditional way of to have Kratom is to chew the fresh Kratom leaves, the modern extracts, powder, and tinctures are easily made into tea or mixed with other herbs.

The effect of Kratom is opiate-like, pleasant and euphoric. Kratom is also used as a substitute for opium and as a temporary cure for opium addiction.

In lower doses the effect is stimulating and as the dose is increased the effect gets more sedative. The effect is similiar to opioid drugs with the exception that Kratom doesn't cause nausea or vomiting.

Kratom is legal in most of the world, however, it is currently illegal in Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Kratom can be ordered from many e-shops selling herbal supplements.

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